Short question about gargoyles and normal stuff.

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Dec 2, 2018
Hello guys!Just asking about using this code:

public override bool CanBeWornByGargoyles { get { return true; } }

Using this on any armor piece (elf,human),or any jewel,can a gargoyle equip it? Thanks in advance!


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Apr 11, 2018
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Whispering Pines
Many times, yes. If the item doesn't already have that property there may be an issue with how it works on the gargoyle paperdoll. It could look ok, slightly off, or terrible. It could be difficult or impossible to un-equip via drag and drop. It may or may not be visible on the in-world character (your "toon").

Whatever you do - never let a gargoyle body ride a mount. It'll bring the server to a screeching halt!