Some New Features


I've been hard at work trying to setup the site/forum and packing stuff around the house still. Anyways, figured I'd inform you guys on the features so far.

You may have noticed that there is a new home page, which is the portal. From it you'll see that you can now invite friends via various services (only setup email, twitter, and facebook so far.) I'm hoping the friend inviter thing will prove to be useful later as more people register on ServUO.

Two of my favorite new features is the Live Thread feature, and the auto save drafts feature. The way Live Threads work are simple, all new threads are a "live thread" at first. Once it's inactive long enough, it will go back to the old style and not be a live thread again unless it gets active again.

What a Live Thread does is pretty simple. It will poll the thread in the background for any new posts. If you're typing out a reply or just viewing the thread and someone makes a new post, you'll see it almost right away. No reloading the page.

The auto save draft feature works in the background. If you're typing out a thread and the browser closes/you change your page...normally you'd lose all that you typed (unless you're one of the few weirdos that type all their stuff in Notepad.) With this addon, the text will be restored when you revisit the page. This works for multiple pages, so you could indeed have multiple drafts for different threads.

Other then that, I've done a few minor changes here and there. Such as the new login overlay, instead of the old drop down style, the new online status indicator, and a few other minor things. Expect more changes coming soon, also expect the first ServUO publish here soon.