OK. Everyone take a deep breath.

All good?


This is a post to let you know what is an "acceptable" post, and what is an "unacceptable" post.

Yes, it says "...anything goes!" But, come on! Let's not be idiots, ok?

Here are some examples of Great posts (with some fill in the blank options) for the Backroom:

"My dog ate my pizza. I am thinking about adding that to my shard somehow."
"What music from ANY Ultima game is your favorite?"
"What is the best computer/server/graphics card/______/ for me to use?"
"Look at the party we had killing a horde of undead Paragons! (YouTube video linked)"
"Hey, does anyone need some free email/server/hardware/_____/ I have some"
"What does anyone know about ______ public shard/emulator/gaming site/whatever?"

Here are some examples of perfectly fine posts for the Backroom:

"What TV shows do you watch?"
"Clean jokes for a Thursday..."
"Happy 50th Anniversary, _______"
"Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy Hanukkah/_______"
"Does this sweater make me look like Frodo?"


Here are some examples of BAD or UNACCEPTABLE posts for the Backroom:

"Click here for FREE Viagra Trial!"
"Links to my favorite Porn/Gambling/_____ sites..."
"Here is what I think of your Politics!!"
"This is what I think of your Religion...."
"If you don't sign my petition, you will DIE!"
"________ is an @$$HOLE"

Anyway, there are probably a billion examples of bad posts, but please just use common sense. These are ServUO forums, for the ServUO community. Yes we all have real lives and yes we can share other things like music, sports, recipes, and family photos if we really want to, but please leave ALL Commercial, Controversial, Political, Religious, Illegal, Immoral, and/or Mean things outside the door to the backroom, NOT inside. Thanks!


im amazed you had to make a post like this... aren't we all 30-40 somethings? I doubt teens are playing UO, or coding UO even less so.