Unconfirmed Bug Talisman Summon's Acting Wonky


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Sep 5, 2017
The Talisman summons are currently moving inaccurately. Here I'll point out a few of the key features of their movement.

1. On OSI, Talisman Summons (e.g. Orc Brutes, Ant Lions, Skeletal Knight, Doppleganger, etc.) ONLY walk directly towards the person that summoned them (unless attacking - which will be explained on feature 2). They do no "pathfind" like they do on ServUO and wobble back and forth when stuck.

2. When a player that has a Talisman Summon swings a weapon at another defending player, the Talisman Summon will then travel directly to the defending player and attempt to hit them as well. I believe this only occurs once at a time. In other words, if a player with a talisman summon hits a defender twice in a row; the second time being before the summon has had an opportunity to swing at the defender for a first time; the summon will still only swing once. It will not "que" strikes. Once it makes the swing it will then travel directly back to the Talisman Summon's master.

3. On OSI, the Talismans do a lot more walking then teleporting. They only really teleport when the master of the summon gets almost a screen away. On ServUO they teleport every few steps. On OSI they walk very fast and occasionally teleport towards the player.

4. They also never teleport themselves past something that would otherwise block their walking path. For example, on OSI if you were to use a Talisman Summon and run around a bunch of houses, they would very often get stuck on the steps of houses, and you could easily run however many screens away you want and they won't teleport towards you. On ServUO however, they teleport over items that they can't walk over, and this can lead to them teleporting into places that they shouldn't be. Here's an example of a Summon teleporting into a pen, when my character didn't enter the pen or even go around it. I merely walked alongside it, and the summon teleported itself into it.