Time to dust things off


I would imagine most of you guys assumed I've abandoned the project/site. Although that is far from true. As you may remember, I up and moved almost 1,300 miles a little while back. That is no easy process. Infact I'm still in the middle of looking for a better place, perhaps a better job already too.

Past couple months I was stranded with insanely slow satellite internet, although that wasn't a reason for me not working on the project. As you can imagine, I've been hella busy. Trying to get a job, working to get the car running again (needs a new cylinder head, and if you know anything about cars...you know that's not cheap, and also trying to get a better place to live...even considering maybe trying to purchase my first home. Plus I've been doing a ton of side jobs, and enjoying the beautiful wilderness up here in Maine.

Anyways, with that all said...I'm still stuck with satellite internet. Although it has been upgraded, so it's not as impossible to use. I'm also have my workstation setup and going now, plus finally getting a little bit of ME time. So of course, I turn to UO...as I've done for years in the past. :/

Anyways, with that all said. I plan to start working on the project again. I have done a little bit of work while away on other things, although it's not complete yet so it'll be a while before any of that gets pushed.

For now I've decided it would be a good time to catch up on some things. So I've began working on merging all of the missed updates to the RunUO svn. I've managed to get some done last night, although I still have a bit more to go. Lots of the updates the RunUO team has done is some what of a mess (no offense to their team members.) So I'm finding it easier to manually merge most of it, after checking 3-10 commits on their repo.

To the average person, it would appear that ServUO fell way behind in commits if you remember the most recent RunUO rev ServUO was updated to. Although most of the commits from RunUO are minor, and appear to be fixes to previous commits. So I'd imagine I should have it all done before the weekend is up, and then some.

On top of catching back up with RunUO, I also plan to do some code cleanup. I plan to use ReSharper to do the code cleanup, and eventually share the settings for ReSharper so anyone can use the same code cleanup methods the team uses here. Which would probably help those of you that still hope to upgrade from OrbUO.

Once things are back on track, I plan to focus back on what I was doing before. Which is some more gump system improvements, and working on shard control. I also plan to fix any bugs that have gone un-fixed over my leave. So if anyone out there knows of anything that needs fixing, now would be a good time to get a bug report in.

I also hope to start doing some updates to the site/forum here soon. So if you notice the site being slow or anything, sorry in advanced. There are many updates I need to get around to, and some improvements/fixes I need to do for the site that never got finished.

Anyways, it's nice to be back and join the community again. I hope to get things fired back up and going again here pretty soon, so be sure to check back often! =D
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Welcome back Insanity! :) Your life recently has been on a roll for sure nice to hear your finally getting some time to relax! Looking forward as always to see changes and fixes to Servuo.


Man moving that far must have been a real pain. I've done it many times in my life. Family and life always come first holmes, but your work is HIGHLY appreciated by everyone here.


Definitely agree with Doc. We do appreciate the work you guys put into this. And welcome back! Also welcome to the Northeast! I'm from NH myself.


Good to see you back, I know what your going through. I have just been through an almost divorce and move and it does get crazy to find time for a personal server. So welcome back and hope you find peace within yourself and time to do the things you wish to get done here.