Unconfirmed Bug Tools multiproduction bug (incorrect formula)


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Jul 21, 2014
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I am reporting an interesting topic worth deeper analysis.

The new character (but without the status of a newbie) with 75.7 fishing ability caught fish. These were then processed into steaks. Having about 1000 (raw steaks) using a rolling pin - cooked them simultaneously. During this one-time activity her level of cooking ability increased from about 33 (she learned so much from the NPC) to 100 (increase by over 67) as if accumulating all potential partial gains. The question is, should they really look like this?

I also got the impression that when processing all steaks at once, the indicated tool does not differentiate in any way the chance to increase the skill which looks different when having cooking at 30, 50, 80 and 90+. Thus, with a low skill, if you only have the raw materials you can easily achieve the cap while processing the entire production.

What's more, I also noticed that if, for example, the Player does not immediately process a large amount of raw steaks, but only e.g. takes to the bag only first 10 and counts for them the cumulative gain (e.g. 0.6 points), then when, immediately after this he even processes next 1000 raw steaks (cooked them simultaneously), he won't get any gain. Re-gains will be counted only after some time.

We definitely need to look at the subject.
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I suspect that a similar problem may apply to the processing of other raw materials (boards, ore, etc.)
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