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Trophys and Statues - Trophys and Statues by Hestia

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Trophy Lasher
Trophy Man = partial hue
Trophy Woman = partial hue
Trophy Minotaur
Trophy Sabertooth
Trophy Skull
Trophy Sphynx
Trophy Tri Wolf
Trophy Troglodyte

Statue Dragon 1
Statue Dragon 2
Statue Dragon 3
Statue Dragon 4
Statue Dragon 5
Statue Dragon 6
Statue Octopus Steampunk
Statue Girl Reading
Statue Kids under umbrella
Statue Fairy
Statue Fox
Statue Turtle
Statue Cat with Wings
Statue Cat with Butterfly
Statue Girl with Wings
Statue Frog
Statue Alligator
Statue Gopher
Statue Gnome 19
Statue Gnome 20
Statue Gnome 21
Statue Gnome 22
Statue Gnome 23
Statue Gnome 24