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Ultima Odyssey 2019-03-12

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Feb 7, 2020
So I am a bit stumped - I got into Skara Brae by accident and have finally got to Magnar's Tower. I killed everything in the tower, got to the end and then was unable to go through the last portal. I know I am missing one of the silver items needed after reading my quest log...but I am at a loss on where to find it! I am guessing it will be a silver circle as I have the triangle and square - anyone know where it would be at?


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Feb 13, 2020
Wow! This is pretty cool, singleplayer UO. Been dreaming about this since the first server emu's appeared. Very easy to setup too. Kudos to the creator :)
I have some questions, though:

- This Razor version seems to use a larger window than other/newer versions. Any way to change that?
- Is it possible to use Ultima Mapper or UOAM? I get completely lost with the default map.
- Is there a way to hide/remove the FPS image in the top left corner?
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Feb 18, 2020
So I have loaded up the odyssey file and then when I try to run the classic client it says that E:/UO/CUO is not a valid directory. I can't seem to find the file anywhere that references that path. Any ideas?