uo:4061 looking for Collaborators


Post-apocaliptic Uo-project based on an alternative Sosaria 4061 years after last known mage were killed. No law, no real civilization, just tribes and factions. Almost all the ancient/old knolowge have been lost among last 5000 years. Very deep lore.

I am looking help in all areas.

Things to know:
-Server will not give ingame rewards or special money for donations. Just the thx and the player's name on the web if he wants. If I can't pay the server and there is no donations, server will be closed. I Hope I will ever have money for it, cos I dont expect donations.
-I dont share any file or anything. Dont ask to send me the files cos will not happen.
-Server non-based in Runuo. I love Runuo performance but I don`t control it and I am old to learn new tricks.

Knowing this, if u want to collaborate in the project just pm me. Ty