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I have been using the UO:98 demo server to test alot of things lately and wondered why there is/was no further development with this platform. It is open source, an actual OSI server and it contains actual OSI code. You would think there would be more devs interested in this. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen any branch projects for UO:98 possibly with C scripts. In its current state UO:98 uses UOSL language which is not very intuitive IMO. The .Q and .M scripts are kind of wonky to work with. Anyway it just seems like a neat project to work on. If anyone has any resources or further info or interest in this let me know. Maybe I'm the only one LOL :D


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The demo files aren't setup for multiplayer though right? I always thought it was a standalone program that didn't require an internet connection. Then again it has been almost 20 years since I played it.


Yes they are it's actually a full fledged server just those features were only disabled within the code but it is fully capable. The UO:98 project unlocked many of the features including multiplayer support with auto account creation. Check out the first paragraph here. http://uodemo.uo98.org/index.php?title=UO:98 . It really is super cool. Also supports the client version on the UO:T2A disc (1.25.35) through 5.x Unencrypted. :D
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If i'm not mistaken, there was Batlin (reverse engineering), Bicchus, Derrick (uosecondage.com) and Garret that worked on this project.

I asked Derrick for some help with figure out witnessCrime function in the demo back in 2016 and he told me they have data not released to the public and it seems they did released some of it.

The public SVN is here:

I found some really interesting files in there (new to me):
http://svn.uo98.org/svn/public/!svn/ver/1527/UO98/Data/deco.txt (Full Pre-T2A to T2A decoration)
http://svn.uo98.org/svn/public/!svn/ver/1527/UO98/Data/decoSkaraFerry.txt (Full Pre-T2A to T2A decoration)
http://svn.uo98.org/svn/public/!svn/ver/1527/UO98/Data/distro/regions.txt.q (All regions including shop names and static spawn areas)

Some old forum from JoinUO related to this:

I have a backup (just need to dig it up) of JoinUO FTP with all missing files that UO98 points to. (dead links)

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Oh that would be cool if you could find your backups. I can't register on JoinUO it says my IP is blacklisted because I use AT&T apparently.


I'm going to look at this more when I get home, I find it really interesting. @Grimoric : the uo98 link alone has what I need to fiddle with this or are the files you said you have backed up needed too?