UO:Renaissance based server *Beta*

New server based around the UOR era, with a little tweaks. We want to bring the classic 02-03 UOGamers feel to players who have lost faith in Hybrid and other servers falling to bad economy and bad GMs. We plan to hold the old school feel of Ultima Online : Renaissance and want to give players the best experience of play time.
Fast Skilling, Fully hand spawned dungeons and towns, working factions and pvp system, using a pvp point system just to hold a leader board for PK's and Factioners kills and deaths to give the players bragging rights. If you would like to participate in the beta; we are currently in Test Center mode meaning resources are given at start of character creation and skillball and stats will be in pack on login. We plan to finish beta soon and open fully to public once we find and fix all current bugs.
PM me for more info if your are interested in helping us create the greatest UOR server.