Welcome to UO: Resurrection

Goal: Offering our player a stable and fun driven environement to play.
No Pay To Win system. ( Donation/Patreon Accepted )
Custom events ( CTF, PVP, FFA, INVASION/SIEGE , etc.... )
No over the top change to the game system
Professional staff & environment

What i am looking for ?

Developer/ Artist that's want to help on their free time
Admin ( Oversee every Aspect of the server & other staff member )
Game Master ( Pages, Organise Event, Applying server rule )
Seer ( Answer Page, Event helper, Applying server rule )
Councillor ( Answer Pages/Question, Welcome new players, can be event helper if needed )

Staff Rule/Info

All Position are not compensated with money.
Abusing Staff power is not permitted
All Staff member must be able to communicate clearly between staff member and player.
Giving Items/Currency/Reward or showing any favouritism toward any particular player are not tolerated. ( outside of Event or Duty/Work related )
All Staff member CANNOT Play the server as a regular player.
Use Common Sense....

Any Staff that do not respect the code of Conduct or server rule will see himself/herself being demoted or removed from the staff depending of the gravity of the situation.
**Everything subject to change wihtout notice***

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