UO Strange-Earth,

Beautiful new shard running High Seas with so much to get lost in. Staff consist of myself and a UO historian both of which are active in making this shard a strange but fantastic world to play in.

Countless hours have been spent discussing how to recreate some of those nostalgic UO moments you had as a kid. Here are just some of the ingredients we came up with,
  • Free from "pay to play" tactics, meaning this is 100% free, hosted by passionate gamers like you
  • Built in scripted player commands such as [selfres and [claim have been added to help speed up the mundane tasks
  • 1yr old accounts gain +1 house slot & can place houses in custom regions
  • Skill and Stat caps have been carefully vetted to help enrich gameplay
  • Custom quests, maps, buildings, storage keys, PvE, and PvP, we have it all :)
We are active in our dev work and have big ambitions to continue to add to this server as time allows for it.

This world was meant for you to play in so come join us! Discord channel
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Client patcher ver. 1.2 has passed my quality checks and has now been uploaded
  • Path will now attempt to prepopulate if it can find the UO files
  • Now includes a Read Me.txt that contains detailed steps for first time adventures
  • Files have been shuffled around making for a cleaner root folder

I also created a quick youtube on how to get connected up to the UOStrange-Earth shard.

Dont forget to stop by our discord channel to see even more updates.