I played UO for many years, but never run my own server. I'm looking to set one up that mimics UO as it was in the late 90s; before Trammel.

I followed the video guide found in this forum post, which was very helpful. I'm able to run the local server, log in, and run around a bare Brittania. Now I have so many more questions, and I don't know where to go for answers:
  • How do I find the version of UO I am looking for?
  • How do I change ServUO to pick a specific client?
  • How do I populate the world with the "normal" NPCs, animals, monsters, etc?
  • How do I make my private server public so friends can log on and play with me?
Is there a good "getting started" guide somewhere?

This is an amazingly cool project. Thank you for all you've done!
I don't know how to describe it. I'm actually a little confused by all the new releases, updates, enhancements, and versions. I'm looking for the original UO that existed just before Trammel was introduced. Is that what you mean? Or is there somewhere I can see the different versions, and select the one I want based on what is included (or excluded)?

PS - thank you for the [Createworld command - it's so simple, once you showed me the way! :)
Yes that is what I mean, so that we know what you're looking for :)
There are a few sites on here:

I am not familiar with Vanilla UO and have always played whatever the latest client is so I would have no idea which version you would need to play before Trammel, but I'm sure it's in one of these!
This chart may be beneficial for matching a client with server version. However, for security/compatibility reasons, you may prefer to use more current versions of both and manage the Era-specific features server-side. This has a drawback of players possibly still seeing newer content that is not enabled server side, like greyed out skills, new gumps or art, mp3 music instead of midi, etc.

The current ServUO repo did away with the expansion selection ability and removed some no longer used content and now only aims to keep the content still active on EA servers. If all you care about is PVP ruleset or restricting access to only allow certain facets, this can still be done with the current repo via simple changes to mapdefinitions.

But if you are wanting the full featureset to match a certain time period, you will be in for a lot of work and customization. ServUO maintains a second git branch that still includes the older content and allows for manually setting the expansion via a config file, Publish 57. It is not as simple as merely toggling the expansions though, you will still have to make tweaks to match the era you are hoping to replicate (even between expansions there were sometimes drastic server side changes). However, If you are aiming for T2A specifically, there is a project that matches it quite well, Grimoric's RunUO.T2A

As far as public access, you will need to forward a TCP port (by default 2593) from the outside world to your server machine. This usually involves creating rules on your router or firewall. This site may be of help if you've never done this before. Also, if your Public Address is DHCP, you may need to look at a Dynamic DNS client so your players can still connect when it changes. Lastly, if your ISP is IPv6 only or the IPv4 Address they provide is a Carrier Grade NAT address, you may have to look at external hosting, as last I checked the UO client itself only supported IPv4.
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