Piet Zah

Vice and Virtue is offering a place in our Staff. We are looking for a real 'Deco Nerd', in order to finish up our custom remodeled towns of Britannia, creating Deco Addon Deeds, building houses and even more.
Our Shard launched in December 2021. Strictly no-pay-to-win server! 1 Account per IP - 7 Chars - 3 Houses – unlimited Soulstones
Skillcap is 700, increases over time to 840 (to allow 7x120 skills). Statcap is 300 (max. 350).
Easy access and updates via patcher.
Port 2593
Website: uovnv.com
Discord: Join the UO Vice & Virtue Discord Server!
You will be able to enjoy your work as player aswell – besides creating new content on our development server. So if you are obsessed with deco and creating a whole gorgeous environment – feel free to contact us.
Here are some Impressions