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Oct 16, 2014
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  • Players can purchase an account bound vault token from the UO Store for 300 Sovereigns.
  • A vault provides shared storage of 125 items across all characters for a specific account on a shard.
  • Once purchased, the player must visit a vault manager located in select banks (Britain Commons, Bank of Delucia, New Haven Bank, Bank of Minoc, Bank of Moonglow, the Trinsic Royal Bank, Bank of Yew, Bank of Wind, and the Royal City Bank) within the world to rent a vault with the token. Only one vault can be rented at each vault manager location.
  • The player will now have access to their vault for thirty days. The player must keep their vault token balance up to date or risk losing their items. Vaults can have a prepaid balance up to three tokens at a time.
  • Failure to pay vault rent will result in a player’s vault going into default which sends the player an in-game message stating that “Rent is past due for your Vault and your items will be lost after 168 hours unless you claim your Vault from the Vault Manager.”
  • During this period a player has several options:
    • They can save their vault by paying the rent.
    • Claim their vault with all their items if they have space in their backpacks.
    • Do nothing which will result in the loss of their items.
Going here and Selecting Rent Vault brings up the menu to the left and Vault Locations brings up the menu to the right. It seems each location can hold 500?

Clicking YES to rent a vault opens up these gumps. The chest inside can not be moved. When you double click it, it teleports you in front of your vault.

From here on out every time you click on Open Vault, from the NPC, it just teleports you right here.
Clicking Claim Vault opens this menu and if you click Yes you get:

You can own a vault at each location, filling up the inside of this. Now with the Claim vault if you double click the vault it adds it to your backpack and the gump closes.


Now what is really cool about this system is that it SHARES the storage across your whole account. So players too poor to own a house could take advantage of it, in theory. You do not need to have Endless Journey to use it and anyone can use it.

I could see it being expanded on by shards who maybe have limited housing, ect.