Vendor stone help


Hello i am running servuo and i installed a vendor script and i am getting this error... any help would be nice thank you.

ServUO - [] Version 0.5, Build 7486.32626 - Build on 6/30/
2020 6:07:32 PM UTC - Release
Core: Optimizing for 8 64-bit processors
Core: Compiled for .NET 4.7.2
Core: Server garbage collection mode enabled
RandomImpl: CSPRandom (Software)
Core: Loading config...
Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...Failed with: 1 errors, 1 warnings
+ Custom/ShardEvent.cs:
CS0114: Line 403: 'ShardEvent.Location' hides inherited member 'Item.Locatio
n'. To make the current member override that implementation, add the override ke
yword. Otherwise add the new keyword.
CS0108: Line 405: 'ShardEvent.Map' hides inherited member 'Item.Map'. Use th
e new keyword if hiding was intended.
+ Custom/vendor stone.cs:
CS0115: Line 197: 'VendorBall.OnSingleClick(Mobile)': no suitable method fou
nd to override
Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found.
- Press return to exit, or R to try again.


OnSingleClick has been removed from ServUO. The script may work ok if you comment out that section.


Just curious, is there a suitable direct replacement for OnSingleClick? Removing that broke a lot of scripts I have in my library.