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Weapon Dice System 2015-02-22

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Lokai submitted a new resource:

Weapon Dice System - Adds UOR-based dice for 42 weapons, converts all others to Dice equivalents

This idea came from Moody and The Real Keith.

See original idea source:


What this System does is create a registry of sorts for weapons, adding Dice values for insertion into Min and Max Damage calculations. The core dice values come from the UOR values found on Stratics and various other places. The 42 core weapons are stored as...

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Well, on my first attempt I got this error

Not your fault, you probably copy/pasted correctly. What that means is that your Abilities script is trying to modify MinDamage and/or MaxDamage. This system DOES in fact change them to being read only, so you have 3 options:

1. Change this system so that Min and Max damage have a "Set{}" part also. (This would sort of defeat the purpose of this system, since it would negate the dice-rolling effect.)

Or 2. Change your Abilities system so that they modify something else, like the Dice_Offset. ( ***-> This might be the best option. <-***)

3. Don't use this System with your Abilities system (as they appear to be incompatible.)


Sorry to revive this old post, but was combing through all these custom releases... and well, Im wondering if this dice system could also be applied to spell damage and healing for bandages, Spells, and potion affects?