So, I'm trying to set up a server for 3 of us total. None of us has the time to put into running multiple accounts/characters... so we wanted to try to offset the challenge by having more powerful characters with more skills... I've spent the better part of the last week reading posts, compiling lists of changes (no matter how old and working from the newest ones back to the oldest) tweaking multiple files and trying to get things changed... BUT... everything I've found is fairly old compared to servuo software's latest release... and I haven't been able to do what I want. I'm a 20+ year welder, so programming and file altering is kind of out of my pay grade... but i'm trying to do it on my own as much as possible because I like to learn things.


What I am asking for at this point... is either a link to a well laid out tutorial that an idiot can follow and will have work... OR the directions spelled out completely so that an idiot can follow them. I've used almost all my free time trying to figure this all out on my own over the last week and I'm beside myself at this point. I'm looking to make it so that if we create a new character, these changes will already be in effect and to get them retroactively applied to pre-existing characters.

Issue 1: I want to change ONLY the total skill cap maximums.
Without changing character creation's existing caps, I want to make the total skill point cap to 20,000 points so that we can max just about everything to 100. This appears to be a multi-part thing for creating new characters after the changes and for pre-change existing characters... but there are also things that being a veteran player modifies as well. What specifically do I need to change to make my ultimate cap of 20k points. I'd prefer to remove or instantly give the veteran rewards... (whichever is easiest)

I edited several file locations, but don't seem to be able to get it to show in the skill page. Is this normal, or should it reflect the changed cap?
The character sheet shows it as xxx / 720.
One additional question to the skills: Does a skill continue to grant buffs after 100, or is it a hard cap?
example: Anatomy gives a passive damage buff... is it the same buff at 100.0 skill or does it keep scaling up afterwards?

Issue 2: I want to change ONLY the stat cap maximums.
This appears to be a multi-part thing as well. I want to change the stat caps to individual maximums of 350, enhanced through gear to 450, and have the total for all stats be be capped at 1350. Once again, I understand that there's multiple file locations that need altering, and once again, for character creation and pre-existing characters... and that there's a buff for anyone with veteran status. I'd like to remove/instant give the veteran rewards and have the stat caps adjusted without changing the character creation's existing caps.

Once again, I edited several file location. I was able to get it to show in the character sheet as
Str xxx/150
Dex xxx/150
Int xxx/150
Total 450/260

Issue 3: Some items like the soulforge did not spawn in Ter Mur, nor did one of the NPC's that spawns next to it.
One of the guy's went there to try to alter some items for gargoyle use... he discovered that it didn't spawn in the soulforge. Is this a common issue, or is it most likely an isolated one? There are mobs around the Royal City and in the countryside... but I found a command to spawn in the Stygian Abyss and Ter Mur mobs.. so I ran it, but it didn't appear to do anything. So, I took my admin around and found that Felucca doesn't appear to be spawning anything (in chest/barrel loot nor mobs) at all in the dungeon.

Issue 4: I can't seem to pick up reagents on the ground.
This is something I remember doing in the game to generate income and minimize expenses as a poor starting casting character, but it's been so long that I can't remember if I needed a skill, a tool, or both to do it... I've tried all the tools, but nothing works and can't even seem to pick them up as my owner account character. I seem to remember reading that this was removed from the game for save time reasons... but can't find the post again. Is there a script or an option that I can alter in the server files to do this again since the economy is not going to be as active as a full blown server will be?

Issue 5: Adding/changing things in the UO STore
I figured out how to change the 'premium' currency to in game gold, but I was reading on the way to add things to the store... I got confused pretty quickly about the whole modifying cliloc and using uo fiddler. Is it just easier to set up a owner level vendor building outside of town somewhere and just sell the things I want to put in the store instead of learning the whole process of adding/changing the store level?

Thanks in advance for any help input.
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Yes, Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am having the same issue with setting my skill and stat caps . Changed it in RewardSystem.cs,
PlayerMobile.cs, PlayerCaps.cfg and CharacterCreation.cs. If you could tell me what i am doing wrong Great.


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1.) Inside the Config folders, there should be a PlayerCaps.cfg line 13 is the total cap. (Keep in mind, 1000 = 100.0) That will change the cap for any character created after the change. To modify your players in game, you need to run a global command setting the maxskills. Should be
[world set SkillsCap <value> where playermobile

Skills give buffs after 100 (Game by default has skills up to 120 from Power Scrolls), and if you set them beyond 120 through Admin or any other way, they do continue to scale up. I once played around to prove it to someone, and set a character to 999.9 tactics and anatomy. Needless to say he couldn't be hit, and immediately one shot everything.

2.) I am slightly too high for all those numbers, but its the same solution as above, except you have to set DexCap, StrCap, IntCap. Those are the caps for RAW stat. set DexMaxCap, StrMaxCap, IntMaxCap, is the maxed BUFFED stat.

3.) As far as I know, isolated issue, unless you missed a few commands during World Generation. Most commonly missed World Gen command is [GenMiniChamp tho I do not think that generates anything outside of Stygian Abyss.

4.) The reagents you recall picking up off the ground, were added to the server specifically, and aren't something present in standard UO. You would have to on a GM account go around placing spawners that spawn reagents.

5.) Doing anything with UOFiddler/Clilocs means making changes to the Game Client itself. Any changes such as these, must be distributed to all players on the server, or else only players who have the changes will be able to see them. You are better off doing your vendor idea.


Thanks for the reply DragnMaw!

Since Kenshin and I were having similar problems... we put our heads together in discord and think we've gotten the gist of what's actually going on... it appears that the GUI just doesn't update the enhanced stat max and skill point maxi. We tried to use both the enhanced and the classic clients and the results were the same.

The tutorial for the changes to the pre-existing characters gave a command line syntax that I guess was meant to be a general format to use to alter each max and not specific to what was needing to be typed out. We figured out that we could alter each max with a specific command and that after saving and restarting the server that the changes were made...
When looking at the character properties through admin screens... we were seeing that the new caps were in place... and several hours of play last night shows that my skills ARE going above the 720 point total cap... whether they are ACTUALLY boosting the things they should be since it is still showing the enhanced caps are at 150... I can't honestly tell... except my stamina is now 300 and my mana is 307... so, working on the assumption that the stat boosts are all or nothing... they ARE working.

I currently have 840 / 720 skill points
My Strength is 167 / 150
My Dexterity is 300 /150
My Intelligence is 307 /150
Total Stats are 1205 / 260


Using the new repo, createworld still did not generate the sourlforge in the holy city / TerMur. Any ideas how to add that?


Using the new repo, createworld still did not generate the sourlforge in the holy city / TerMur. Any ideas how to add that?
You can always try using [add or Pandora's Just tried [add soulforge and placed one in my house to see