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Hi what is the command to show a player that is logged out, and then I need a command to click on that char and show/edit his stats. Does [props work on chars? Back in the sphere days I think it was just "info". Thanks


[admin to bring up the admin menu, then choose Account List find their account then click on Characters, then the arrow next to the desired characters name, then other options show up, choose get it will bring the character to you even if they are not logged in, then [props to see the characters properties


There are several ways to go about it. If you do not know their account name but you know their character name you can do : [global interface where playermobile name = "John Doe" : however it will bring up all characters named John Doe. The quotation marks are only necessary for names that contain spaces like the provided example.

If you know the general area in which they logged out you can do : [global interface where mobile logoutlocation >= (1300,1200,0), logoutlocation <= (1310,1210,0) : to search all tiles within those two coordinates, although it will show anyone who is/was logged out in that area even if they're currently online. If you use the custom script Text Input, which I believe is available to download somewhere on this website, you can expand the command further to narrow it down even more to include map = internal and their name, etc.

The interface menu that comes up if it finds a valid target allows you to access the player's properties, bring them to you, go to them, etc if you click the arrow next to their name.

Fixed typo.

**Edit 2**
Also, yes, [props does work to bring up a property menu for all items, statics, mobiles, etc.

**Edit 3**
Here is a link to the TextInput script that will triple or more the available text you can enter for commands and other text.

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