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Whip Animation 1.0

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Whip Animation - Whip

Here is the whip animation pulled from new client. For those people using older clients I made this.

This is just a beta version there will need to be some adjustments made to positioning in client. You can use Fiddler to adjust the position of the animation. this is 70% finished I did most the hard work now if someone could put the finishing touch's on this would be great.

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You can place the vd in any animation mul file in the equipment slots its just not fully adjusted to the player yet. the one bad thing about fiddler is it extracts the bmps just surrounding the image it doesn't fully extract the image in the frame settings so the alignments aren't compatible yet.
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I wonder what type of weapon base a whip should use? Maybe macing?
I would think so since it basically is a blunt weapon I create a basewhipe.cs to handle such things. Since the OSI or whatever company has uo now has them as different skill type weapons.


Ya the animations in the mul files were broken up into 3 different slots so i extracted them and put them together problem is fiddler extracts bmps with the boundaries just around the image not the actual frame boundaries. So they have to be adjusted in fiddler to in game movements and positioning.


I think I got one working, but I haven't finished modifying the .def files to test it. Let me know I guess?


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