Xmlspawner Quick Commands/Advanced Installation


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Xmlspawner Quick Commands/Advanced Installation
Feature Usage: All Xmlspawner Extra Installation Steps

Installation Step:

Estimated Completion Time: ~2:00 hours (give or take copy/paste speed)

Tutorial Steps: 12 @ ~5:00 minutes/ea.

Introduction: While ServUO's repo has Xmlspawner installed and all additional steps, this tutorial is for those that are not using ServUO's repo and serves as a reference after Xmlspawner has been installed.

Tutorial Step 1-A:
This is the first XmlSpawner/XmlQuest...

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Candy Apple

Im wondering about the XML and how to put it in there to drop a few items random on a mob. I got the Dragon/name/test/bodyvalue/401/ADD,0.4/<ring> part down but forgot the RND part to have it drop more than just the ring! Any help and ty


Every ADD allows you to put another item in a mob's loot (backpack). So, to put more than a ring:
Dragon/name/Test/BodyValue/401/ADD,0.4/<ring/name/Precious/hue/1161>/ADD,0.6/<thinlongsword/name/Metal Toothpick/hue/RND,1161,1201>/ADD,0.8/<fork/name/Spoon>

The above code will:
1. Add a Ring, named Precious that has a 40% chance to appear.
2. Add a ThinLongSword, named Metal Toothpick, with a random hue between 1161 and 1201, and a 60% chance to appear.
3. Add a Fork, named Spoon, with an 80% chance to appear.

Now, if you wanted those three item to appear randomly:
Dragon/name/Test/BodyValue/401/ADD,0.4/RNDSTRLIST/<ring/name/Precious/hue/1161>/<thinlongsword/name/Metal Toothpick/hue/RND,1161,1201>/<fork/name/Spoon>


I have a few question about xml

how would i go about making a spawner start by double clicking another item

also setting up a spawner when it not active to have another spawner start and stop when the main one is active

also is there a way to add on to the item the time until it can be dbl clicked ?