Vita-Nex Sponsor

Well to start off, I've been a fan of UO for many decades and I absolutely love it. Although I have not advertised my forum I have had it running for nearly just as long so I don't foresee me taking anything down anytime soon. This vote site included. With that said, this is a new advertisement opportunity for shards looking for players, the site is new so there may be bugs that need to be fixed just let me know.

I will take any and all feature requests you may have, I'm not a web designer so the site is not the prettiest so if anyone wants to help me with a custom theme/logo that would be great!

As I am the sole person on the site there will be NO manipulation of votes. I will do my best to ban anyone found to be violating the 24 hour per account/house/IP/etc. voting rule. I only ask that all users create one account to register you shard. Any users found to have created multiple accounts risks account deletion, without warning.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve this and thank you for reading!