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Gumps: Tooltips and Item Properties

Summary of the tutorial

I decided to cover these two things since they seem to be least talked about or documented.

1) Tooltip - A popup message when you hover over something. Such as a spell icon in a spellbook.

View attachment 5740

To use it you'll need to add the line AddTooltip( int Cliloc ); after the button or image that you want the popup message to work for

Code (C#):
  2. AddButton(10, 50, 4029, 4030, 0, GumpButtonType.Reply, 0);
  3.   AddTooltip(500001);

2) Item Properties and how to display them - Often seen in the gump when buying from a vendor.

View attachment 5741

To use it add the line AddItemProperty( item.Serial ); after the item or image that you want it to work for.
Note: it does require a Serial id of an existing item in the world. How you handle that is up to you.

Code (C#):
  2. AddItem(10,10,5141);
  3.   AddItemProperty(0x40033593);
  4.   // OR
  5.   AddImage( 30, 10, 50434);
  6.   AddItemProperty(0x40033593);

Tutorial Additional Files