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How to make a good pull request at github

Summary of the tutorial

In this documentation we will look at how one can make a good contribution to the ServUO codebase. This will not go into how to use github, but more give some general guidelines on how you can make a contribution that will benefit the reviewer of your PR request and thus get your PR into the master repo as fast as possible.

Thank you!

First of all, thank you so much for considering contributing to ServUO. We are a community driven project and cannot succeed without your help!

Saying that, while we appreciate your contributions we would like to go over a few guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved in the review process. ServUO is ran by volunteers and we do not have all the time in the world to review every single line of code that might be added in a pull request.

Your approach

You must include your purpose for your pull request. Without this we do not know the intentions of your PR and cannot accept it. It will not be accepted into the repo if this is missing.

  • This fixes the issue that was introduced in commit....
  • This introduces the new system....
  • This simplifies code in the existing system....

Consider adding an overview of the PR, especially if it is a very large PR. Add links and images if you need to, don't assume the person that will be reviewing your pull request will be familiar with the issue you are trying to address. A well thought out overview will earn you a gold star and we will love you forever :)

Anyone can see your pull request. Please remember this when you are making it. Your language and tone should remain professional.

If you are looking for feedback, please make it known and be explicit in what you are expecting. If you do not let us know we may not offer the feedback in our review. If you want some advice on a loop you made or are working on a system you never have worked on before and want to know if you did good just let us know. We would love to help you out.

If you want a specific pair of eyes on the PR then you can @mention them in the PR like you can here on the forums. It's the best way to get them to look.


Once you have submitted your pull request it will be put in our queue for revision. After a maintainer has reviewed your pull request they may offer feedback that may be just for future reference or may be required in order to accept the PR.

Feedback should be accepted with appreciation, even if feedback is mixed or bad. We are volunteers here and give our free time in order to review these pull requests.

If you don't understand your feedback then feel free to ask for clarification.

If you do not agree with your feedback then offer to clarify your position and why you think the feedback is wrong. Please do so with an attitude that reflects a professional environment. Personal remarks will lead to you losing privileges in the ServUO organisation.

If you agree to the feedback that has been given to you and it is a requirement for your PR to be accepted you should make the required changes and link the commit in the PR.

If you do not agree to the feedback and your reviewer and you are at a stalemate you can private message @dmurphy and I will create a feedback conversation between you, your reviewer and I and hopefully we will be able to come to a conclusion that benefits both you and the ServUO project.