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How to write a tutorial

Summary of the tutorial

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to use our tutorial system effectively.

1 Getting Started

Getting started is as simple as going to the tutorials page and clicking on Add Tutorial on the top left of the page below the navigation menu.

When you click this button you will be asked in what category your tutorial will be placed. Please pick the category you feel best fits your tutorial.

After you have picked your category you will be forwarded to a page where you can give a quick and concise overview of your tutorial as a whole. This should not contain your tutorial body. Just a sentence or two on what your tutorial will be about.

1.1 Adding sections to your tutorial

After you have successfully created your tutorial with your short overview you will be forwarded to your tutorials page. It will be largely empty and now is the time to add your body of work. Go ahead and click on add new section at the top right of the page below the navigation menu.

As this is your first section you just need to give it a title. There is no decisions required on the order of the sections at this point. After you have decided on the name of your section click Save and you will be given a new section in order to write your tutorial. Once you have finished writing your section you can go ahead and click save. This will add your new work to your tutorial for everyone to see!

Now that you have your first section you can do the same thing in order to add more sections or subsections. It is important now though that you pick the correct order in which you want your sections to appear, otherwise your new section will be added to the top of the tutorial.

This ends our tutorial. If you have any questions or need help please open the discussion tab and post them and I will gladly help out.