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Information so others can connect to my server

Summary of the tutorial

Check port to be sure this is open
http://canyouseeme.org/ (add the correct port here and have the server running when checking this)

Check your correct IP

DataPath.cfg and Server.cfg are both found in Config Folder and Accounts

Go into Accounts and change
# Number of accounts allowed to be created from a single IP address
AccountsPerIp=1 <<<<<change the 1

DataPath config

# Uncomment this line and set it to the path of the client files to set a
# custom data path. Otherwise ServUO will look for the client in the default
# Windows installation directories. Note that this is *required* when running
# on non-Windows systems.
CustomPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic<<<<< set correct path to your server client folder
# If true all data paths other than CustomPath will be ignored.

To add your IP

# The displayed name of the shard
Name=My Shard <<<change shard name

# The default setting for Address, a value of 'null', will use your local IP address.
# If all of your local IP addresses are private network addresses and AutoDetect is 'true'
# then ServUO will attempt to discover your public IP address for you automatically.

# If you do not plan on allowing clients outside of your LAN to connect,
# you can set AutoDetect to 'false' and leave Address set to 'null'.
# If your public IP address cannot be determined, you must change the value
# of Address to your public IP address
# manually to allow clients outside of your LAN to connect to your server.
# Address can be either an IP address or a hostname that will be resolved
# when ServUO starts.
# If you want players outside your LAN to be able to connect to your server
# and you are behind a router,
# you must also forward TCP port 2593 to your private IP address.
# The procedure for doing this varies by manufacturer but generally involves
# configuration of the router through your web browser.
@Address= <<<<<<<Add Here

# The Port to bind the Listener to.
# Default: 2593
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If you have a router chances are good you will need to login online to your router and add your server information there
A tutorial for router information can also be found

When logging into your server from the same computer
use this to connect