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New To Running A Server Basic Commands

Summary of the tutorial

In game commands to help run your server

1 Server Commands

How to add a new account-
[Admin click on Account List- Where you see Name & Pass - Add account name then passwor- click on Add

[who or [admin to see who is online

[add spellbook
[allspells--target the spellbook to fill

[add staffring

[Admin -then Administer - then Commands- will show a list of commands
[Admin - World Building - will allow you to spawn and deco the world

[Admin-- Server-- Will allow you to Save and Shutdown the server or Save and Restart the server

[set str 100--- sets strength
[set dex 100-- sets dexterity
[set int 100--- sets intelligence
[props---- will allow changes to char or view information

[setallskills 100
[setskill animaltaming 100

[smsg hello-- for staff msg to be seen by all staff
[tell- click on staff or player to give msg
[msg click on staff or player --will send them a message

[bank click on self or player
[set hue 1112-- add number you would like click on item

[viewequip click on a player or staff

[res- will ressurect
[kill- will kill mob or player
[hide- click on self or player
[go- will bring up a gump to travel

How To Open Online Browser
(This will open a gump for online players- if you would like to use a vote site or any site for information.
[online open browser http://www.servuo.com/forum/

[GenerateFactions will generate factions in fel


How to add items to all player's packpack
[online addtopack apple set itemid 123 hue 456 name "Chocolate bunny" where playermobile