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Resolving the "System.IO.EndOfStreamException" issue

Summary of the tutorial

You opened your server and get this error:
Most common reason for this error: Closing the server while it was saving or the server crashed during a save.

The saves are corrupted.

Here is how you can resolve it.

1. Keep your calm, opening and closing the server in an attempt to unjam it will not work.

2. Create a new folder on your desktop, rename it "RECOVERY" (just for the sake of giving it a name).

3. Go in your server folder, copy the "ServUO/Backups" folder in your new "RECOVERY" folder.

4. Again, in your server folder, move the "ServUO/Saves" folder in your new "RECOVERY" folder

5. Rename the moved "Saves" folder to "CorruptedSaves".


This is the pivot point on which you will come back if the rest doesn't work properly.

1. Go in the "RECOVERY/Backups/Automatic" and copy the "Most Recent" folder in your "Servuo/" folder.

2. Rename the copied "Most Recent" folder to "Saves".

3. Launch your server.

If it fails to launch, repeat this section again using the "Second Backup" folder.
If it still fails, use the "Third Backup".
If it still doesn't work, there is not much you can do anymore, maybe you could check out the "Crashed" folder in the "Backups" folder, perhaps you could recover some partial work.
If you have a recent enough backup of your server, you should use it, but remember to backup your backup, especially when you just had a crash.

4. If it works, then, save and restart the server.

5. If it still works after a save and a restart, you are safe and you can now do whatever you want on your server.