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Scripting for Dummies: First Script, Creating an Item

Summary of the tutorial

This is the best intro "scripting for dummies" I have found yet. I did not write this, and do not know where I found it. It seems to be from RunUO, originally. It was written by "David", apparently a RunUO moderator at some time, back in 2004. Anyway I take no credit for this.

It is arranged in 3 parts. First it goes through the steps to create a basic item (a magic 8 ball). Second it adds some double click functionality. Then, third, it adds range checking and a time delay.

A very easy to understand intro to scripting, and he explains every step of the way. It must be simple because even I understood it :)

If this is the wrong place for this, feel free to move it or delete it as needed.
  1. ksungjune
    awesome. great teacher.
  2. VanDweller
    This is very well written.
    I have learned more about C# and how to understand ServUO by reading this . Than the countless hours and hours of doing Microsoft tutorials on C#.
    If you want to understand ServUO and enjoy world building, This is a Must read.
  3. TornadoTitan
    Thanks, I used this to make an item that bonds animal to their owners. Stole a little Bandage and BaseCreature code and wham-o!
  4. Digger
    Excellent information. but... Now that I have this cool new script, where do I put it? In Items folder?
  5. cmileto
    I learned something today. Thank ya
  6. Tim
    Great Best Indepth i have read . understood everythig
  7. IanE
    Thank You original author and Tukaram. This is a great resource to get started learning the basics of ServUO coding/scripting.
    1. Tukaram
      Tukaram's response
      Thanks, I learned a lot from this. I found it very helpful, just basic enough for me. :)