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ServUO Setup - Server/Router Information

Summary of the tutorial

This is a small How to for setting up ServUO after download to make the server Public.

Server/Router Setup

ServUO Setup Help:

Hello All,

I have been seeing alot of people as of late having issues trying to get there Servuo up and running not only for personal but for public use as well. So I here you all go this is a basic and general help for you people that get confused or have a hard time to get it up and running..

1.) After you extract your files into *\ServUO-master\
go to *\ServerUo-master\Misc\ And Open DataPath.cs
and make sure you change Line 17 and direct it to you installed your OSI client.

2.) In *\ServUO-Master\Misc\
Open ServerList.cs
Change line and put in your machines IP : 192.168.*.* (what ever it is)
on line 54 change Server.name and "My Shard" to your shard name

3.) In *\ServUO-Master\Misc\
Open SocketOptions.cs
Change line 10 from Server.port to you machines IP: 192.168.*.* (what ever it is)
4.) in *\ServUO-Master\
Click on Compile.win (follow onscreen instructions)
once that is closed :
Click On ServUO.exe and Run as Administator *this way you have no issues*

@Tasanar reminded me of a Simple way to do the above changes in one file so for those of you that do not want to change each file individually do the following :

Open *\Config\
Open up the Server.sc File in there change:
Code (C#):
  2. Name=My Shard
To your Shard name

Code (C#):
  2. @Address=
Add you IP (Local server IP) **Specially if u have a DNS redirect**

And if you want a different port
Code (C#):
  2. @Port=2593
to what ever port you want

5.) Now that you have all that done IF you are behind a Firewall/Router you need to put in the expections for the port so that people can connect to it VIA IP or an address. Every Router is different so The basic's of this is always Port Forwarding, You need to login to the router and find where your port forwarding is once there:
Now the following parts you need to add in
Name: ServUO (Or ShardName) what ever you want
Protocol: TCP
Public Port Range: 2593 ~ 2593
Private Port Range: 2593 ~ 2593
Local IP : 192.168.*.* (Must be the local IP)

After that is done save and if needed restart your router/modem

New Presuming you are doing this on a windows computer you will also need to add in the expection to your windows Firewall, To do this you open MS firewall under the control panel,
Click on "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall"
Click on Allow another app... a new window will open and click on browse.
Find the ServUO.exe file Something like E:\ServUO-master\ServUO.exe (If It is now showing you did not compile the exe file and need to do so) and click on add, now make sure there is a Check Mark on both Private and Public then click on ok...
There ya go server is up and running and is set public so people can login to your ServUO Shard.

Also for those of you who do not like to go into your Router/Modem here is a link to a program that will do all the work for you
I have NOT tested this program but it is FREE so feel free to try it and post comments if it is worth using or not

Now for those of you wanting to use an actual address and not give out your TRUE IP address I suggest going and getting a free DNS address from somewhere like http:\\www.dynu.com\
It's free if you use one of there address's with your prefix or you can purchase one but to keep costs down I suggest for now using a free one.

Well I hope this helps you all out and hope to see you around the forums or on Discord.