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Summary of the tutorial

Well I don't know if I ever found an answer out on the web on how to play Ultima free servers off a flash drive but after doing experiment a while back I found out how to do it and just incase another person who is on an adventure but wants to stop in to refresh accounts at a library or on a work laptop or whatever I think this is nice knowledge to have as a Dev or even just a standard Ultima Online player.

Moving forward.

First you need to get yourself a flash drive which I can't help you with unfortunately.

Second you need to get the UOSteam Files from your home computer or a buddy. Example is the picture below. These are some of the files you will be looking for:

You can find these files on your home computer roughly under this Directory... Should be one or the other:
C:\Program Files (x86)\UOSteam
C:\Program Files\UOSteam

or if you are OG:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AssistUO
C:\Program Files\AssistUO

Anyways move all of those onto your Flash Drive (This will also copy your macros/hotkeys)

I recommend that you put all of those in a "UOSteam" folder so they aren't free floating in the root of your flash drive.

Second you Will need to get the Ultima Online Files since when you are away like me and on a computer that has Admin Rights restricted you can't install so you need to do the following:

If you are smart and planning this before you leave home all you need to do is copy all of your Ultima Online files to a folder in your flash drive.

If you didn't think this was possible and are just looking up now because you are a desperate UO Player like myself then you can find the files floating out there but I just use this dudes cause he has mods and usually keeps it updated to the biggest patch:


Download each part of the game and extract one of them and it will extract them all at once and put them into a UO file like you would if you got them from your home computer.

Once that is done you will just open up the UOSteam folder and run UOSteam.exe

but before you hit play you need to do a few things...

Where it says Ultima Online you need to click the ... and browse to the folder of where your UO Files are.

Here is a picture of mine and it should look similar.


Hope this helps. I am typing this up quick so hopefully this helps if you have questions feel free to post and I can help or perhaps rewrite this when I have more time :D