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Hi Bro, are you still creating an UO shard?
He hasn't been on since 2017. I don't think he exists or is doing anything anymore man. He created this account and used it for 2 weeks only, 4 years ago.
Working on a shard that has 7 new maps, if I can catch up with ServUO that is.
My working files are large, and the maps will take time to D/L from Google. Are any willing to take the time for a totally new mapped shard?
For me personally, it would have to have a pretty remarkable reputation for me to learn an entirely new map. I look more for functionality and features rather than maps. Just my opinion. Luckily with today's internet speeds downloading some new maps won't be difficult.
Hey Falkor do you know if there is a working xantos im trying to make the old one work but i got the there is not a vita nex error
OK. I must have lost another brain cell after 70. I need the ServUO master , and all I get is news about it.?
Please let me know an easy way to get restarted.
are you looking for the source code of servuo? you can download the zip- above button at the top- Source Code
Hi I'm interested in joining your server or trying to start your server my friends and family on my own computer. I was able to get UO Odyssey working, but can't get your JAn 19 Server working. I attached an error I get when I run runuo.exe. I could be doing something completely wrong. I'm brand new to this. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm really new to this and can't get uo odyssey working. I download the game folder and server folder. the server is working but I can't get the game working. Any ideas on how to help me out?
hacking the fancy aquariums etc into vanilla pub 57 with a machete and a blindfold
it worked, i'm only 98% stupid!
Wondering do you have a Young Player Gate? like say something that wont let you go in after 7 days. lol