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Hey Guys I am looking to post a custom script I would like to share with everyone how do I go about it?
Click on the "resources" tab at the top of the screen then "add resource" at the top right of that screen. The rest should be self explanatory.
thank you
hey you still working on UODevPro? I could use it man :) the old one isn't working or at least I can't get it to work... You are a genius! please do this program again
Bought a SATA to USB, i will check if my old HDD is still alive or not, i could possibly extract my lost Race System.
The turtorial may be in the zip file. the creator quit working on it due to copyright issues.
search UoLive here. One of the posts has a tutorial. I used years ago and it worked well. I will try to find that post for you.
I would like to use more than 6 standard maps in the shard and would like to install ultimalive (I think that allows it) and I do not know how to do it
can you help me please?