Converting UOP to Mul

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  • Some people have a hard time understanding how to convert UoP to Mul or Mul to UOP, or think that you cannot add art to new clients. It's very easy and takes little time. -Doc

    First and most importantly, back up any files you are working with. I always make a copy of my client before I do any work in Fiddler. As Fiddler can be a pain at times, or if you make mistakes, it's best to save your client to another folder before ever doing any work in UOFiddler.

    1. Download UOFiddler with the UoP Packer plugin here.. ServUO Fiddler with UoP Packer Plugin. If you have any trouble with Fiddler running, you may need to set the compaibility to a lower version of Windows and select "Run as Administrator", but I personally have not had to do this.

    2. It's best to edit the XML file with your settings, however, I've never had an issue with the default profile.

    3. In the top left corner, click "Settings" and then click "Set Paths Manually" as below to match your client folder...


    You can click in the path box so the cursor is there and hit enter twice to make sure all the paths are set for the files.

    4. Now, from the main screen, click "Reload Files". This will load all of your Muls into Fiddler.

    5. On the far right of the screen, you'll see the "UOP Packer" menu, click that. I have it highlighted in the image below...


    Now you will be presented with the UoPPacker dialog as below...


    6. If you want to extract Muls to work with in fiddler, select your client folder from the textbox at the top. Check the "Extract MUL to UOP"
    radio button and press "Start". If you've done this correctly, you'll see the red text at the bottom of the screen indicating the status. Once this is done, you'll be able to use the rest of Fiddler's menus to explore the client's items, animations, gumps and more.

    7. If you've added custom art after extracting your muls and you want to pack them back to UOP format to see in game, the process is the same, but this time check the "Pack MUL to UOP" radio button. Again, the red text at the bottom will indicate the status.

    NOTE: If the folder you have selected already contains a copy of the original UOP file that existed before your edits, you'll need to move it to another folder or delete it before Fiddler will pack the MUL files to UOP in the selected folder.

    If you are new and have any questions, feel free to pm me on the forum.