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  • This is the place where every one that has gave there sweat blood and tears to RUNUO and ServUO.

    Please add to this page if you know names that was missed

    Jase giffen
    Red beard

    Artaxerxes - Reversed client internals.
    Derrick Slopey - Did solve a lot of the scripts inside UODEMO later used by RunUO.
    Zachary "Krrios" Torkelson - During the early part of 2002, "Krrios" began writing his own client for UO. RunUO began as an aid in the client development process.
    Garret - Hacking in the client and wrote guides on it. One example is to show "no Draw" tiles in the game.
    Batlin - Reverse-engineered most of the DEMO and wrote tools to help others with no reverse skills to understand scripts used in UODEMO, this is used as a base for RUNUO naming of objects. Batlin was also the author of UO98.
    Xenoglyph - Worked on the packet communications.
    MuadDib - Update, and support of a packet guide.
    Andre "Asayre8" Sayre - RunUO dev, many AoS+ Features
    Mark Sturgill - RunUO Dev, much of the network code, original mono support
    Bryan "Zippy" Pass - RunUO Dev, also creator of Razor
    Phillip S. Zibilich "psz" - Original creator of Demise before it was part of UOGamers, much of the AoS features that were later incorporated into RunUO
    Nerun - OSI accurate spawns and research
    ArteGordon - XML Spawner and many others
    Khaybel - Mapmaking and building tools community
    Lord Binary - UO RICE, one of the original client decryption programs
    David - Kick-ass scripting before most of us knew how to tie our shoes with C#
    Daat99 - The OWLTR standard, plus much more!
    Arya - Amazing Battle Chess and the Add-on Generator nobody can live without-Pandoras Box
    Alambik - Best known for his Army but had many contributions
    Jeff - One of the original RunUO crew, Creator of ConnectUO
    Malganis - Many ML era features
    Kons.Snok - Many KR era features as well as support for the short-lived KR client
    Lorenzo Castelli "Phenos" - Core RunUO Developer circa 2005-2006. Also wrote the original SpyUO packet sniffer.