How to Add Custom Art to your Shard

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  • Originally written by Dezzie, content captured from google webcache, may not include original formatting or images.

    How to Add Custom Graphics to your Shard

    NOTE: My shard client is the client I was getting the graphics from was I added all my new graphics at the bottom of all the current graphics.

    This how to is for graphics that are either found online at UO Graphics sites, or exporting from a more recent client than your shard runs.

    First of all, you need to download UOFiddler and the UOP Extractor Plugin for Fiddler. The PlugIn can be found here: and UOFiddler can be found here:


    1. Open UOFiddler to the client that has the graphics you want.

    2. Create a file on your desktop for the graphics.

    3. Export the Graphic in BMP format into the folder, you can right click on the image and select Export Image.

    4. In the settings in UOFiddler, you can specify the folder you want to use.

    5. Download any graphics from the UOGraphics sites that you may want to add into that folder as well.


    1. Once you have all the images exported to the folder open your shard client with UOFiddler.

    2. Go to the last graphic under the ITEMS tab and take note of the Item No. and right click and go to Insert At and then in the box that comes up type the next subsequent number. So if your last graphic is 41129 then you would go Insert At and in the box type 41130. It will then open the folder you identified in your UOFiddler settings and the art you exported will show up. Select the graphic and click on Insert.

    3. Once I had all my artwork inserted, I right clicked on the last one and clicked Save. This will save a file called art.mul and artidx.mul in the folder you specified in settings.

    4. Then go to the tiledata tab and find the first item number of the graphic you inserted.

    5. Click on the item number under the tiledata tab and fill in the information on the right. You need to add a name, I put in a weight and 10 in the height. Then click on the attributes that you want for that item. Ie: container if it’s a box or chest, I clicked Article A and partial Hue for almost all my items. Some I wanted impassable, so I checked that off.

    6. When you complete each item click save changes after each one, and the text will turn red.

    7. When you have everything added and attributes checked, then click on Save TileData at the top.

    8. This will save a file in your folder called tiledata.mul


    1. Go to the UOP Packer Tab (this will show up once you’ve installed the UOP Extractor Plugin For Fiddler.

    2. Click on the browse box … and find the folder you’ve saved your art into.

    3. Click on Pack MUL to UOP and Click Start. This will create a file called artLegacyMUL.uop in that folder.

    4. Copy the art.mul artidx.mul tiledata.mul and the artLegacyMUL.uop into your client folder and voila your art should all be available on your shard. Copy those files into the client you use to play with as well.

    This how to assumes that you know how to make folders, install software, and copy and paste. This assumes you have a working copy of UOFiddler and know how to point it to different clients. It also assumes that you know where your client files are stored.

    I do not know the size you need to make if you are making custom graphics on your own. I have only ever exported art or gotten from UOGraphics site online.

    Hopefully this is helpful. Also, I’d suggest you download the files if you ever plan on doing this because I’ve found that a lot of links stop working at some point.