Map Generator 2 Quick-Start Tutorial

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    Files are located in:

    The first step you need to do is download Map Generator and the mingwm10.dll file.

    Map Generator - This is the newest link to download Map Generator as of August 9, 2006.

    mingwm10.dll - Again if Punt's website is down goto

    Now the first thing you want to do is create a terrain map.

    Width Sizes:
    Trammel - 768
    ML - 896
    Ilshenar - 288
    Malas - 320
    Tokuno - 181

    Height Sizes:
    Trammel - 512
    ML - 512
    Ilshenar - 200
    Malas - 256
    Tokuno - 181

    I am going to base this tutorial on as if you are re-making the Trammel map, where it says Width and Height enter the correct numbers for Trammel.

    Now click the "Generate" menu tab and click "Terrain". And there you go you have a terrain map generated.

    Next click the "Generate" menu tab and click "Swatch". This generates the color swatches for various programs to add your colors too. I believe the generated swatches support Adobe and Jasc Paint Shop. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro and it works perfectly for map making.

    Now open up the terrain bitmap with either Adobe or Jasc Paint Shop and load the correct swatch files. Then draw your land and whatnot. Remember tho! DO NOT create land over the 5119 corodinate on the Width. Fill in 5119 - 6144 (X coordinate) from top to bottom with black so you can add dungeons later. If you are not sure what I am talking about download UOAM and look at the original OSI map and see what I am talking about.

    **Also keep in mind to have correct coasts you need to fill in all your water with "Deep Water" and atleast 5 tiles around your coasts fill it in with "Shallow Water"**

    After you have created your terrain Save but keep the original terrain.bmp name. Open back up Map Generator and click "Generate" > "Altitude". What this down is creates an altitude bitmap for your terrain that you just created. Open up the altitude.bmp and load the correct Altitude swatch for your prefered program. And now is where you can set the height for your mountains, land masses, ect. Make sure that the Deep Water and Shallow Water have the same height and adjust the lands height to be a bit higher than the water.

    **Remember you will spend most of your time on terrain.bmp so every single time you make a change on your terrain.bmp ALWAYS generate a new altitude file.**

    After you are done with your terrain.bmp and altitude.bmp open up Map Generator and put a check on the "Random Art" box if you want tree's to pop up in your forests and rocks and such in your deserts. Now click "Generate" > "Map". Now it is generating your newly created map.

    Once it is done creating your map there is one more thing you must change before it will work properly, assuming you left the map destination the default in Map Gen, goto that directory it shows and there will be 3 files "map4.mul,staidx4.mul,statics4.mul" These are the incorrect names for the files if you are replacing Trammel. Each map has a certain number attached to it. Trammel is 0, so change the file names to: "map0.mul,staidx0.mul,statics0.mul" and now you are ready to test out your map.

    A fast way to test out your map would be to backup your original OSI map files in the UO directory and copy your new map files and load up your Emulator (I use RunUO and have to change no settings for my new map to take effect) and log in and have fun![/url]