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Misc Multiverse SDK 1.2

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+ Version 1.2

- Removed getResponse argument from transport Send* methods.
+ Added GetResponse abstract property to PortalPacket, which replaces the removed getResponse argument logic.
* PortalPacket GetResponse, when true, will cause the PortalClient to immediately begin receiving data after the packet has been sent.

+ Version 1.1.2

+ Fix issue with logging multiple errors.
+ Dispose a PortalClient which encounters a fatal exception when receiving data.
+ Allow PortalPacket.MaxSize to be customized; the value cannot be lower than PortalPacket.MinSize.
+ Add CreateClient handler to PortalServer for allowing construction of custom PortalClient implementations.
+ Version 1.1

+ Extended PortalPacket headers to 8 bytes;
* PacketID[UInt16] ServerID[UInt16] Length[Int32]

+ PortalPacket and PortalPacketHandler lengths no longer need to be defined.
+ PortalPacket.MaxSize increased to 2MB.
+ Improved error handling.
+ Removed the need to use SocketFlags.Peek when receiving packet headers.
+ Fixed an issue where PortalAuthentication.Key would return null.