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I think we had a lot! Thanks to @Vorspire, @argalep, @XeroX, and @Ravenwolfe!

-Fixed issue with commodity deeds in ship hold
-fixed fishing pole not equipping
-fixed issue with armor/weapon hits dropping way too fast
-fixed talisman superslayer display
-champion spawn now has a default SpawnRadius as well as SpawnMod
-auction safe deeds are now blessed
-fixed shadowguard crash
-fixed eodontribesman crash
-voidpool spawn will now spawn with no loot, added property for no loot in basecreature
-Enchantress cameo super slayer
-Myrmidex crash fix
-Fixed shrink table limit and shrink items not showing up properly
-removed collection extensions, used static methods instead
-added High Seas Fish trophies
-added dinos to hunstmaster hunt list
-fixed cleanup brit instrument rewards
-fixed BaseWeapon OnHit durability decay (further research needed)
-removed enable/disable auto insure for SA+ expansions
-added refused trades context to playermobile, plus support
-monsters will now aggro on player summons
-gargoyle tinkers now sell basketweaving book
-fixed tiger itemid
-fixed tiger/dragon turtle hatchling exploit
-added durability to blackthorn worn rewards
-added durability to VvV clothing rewards
-added Termur PvPWarn Gump (reference:xrunuo)
- Updated slayer groups regarding shadowguard monsters
- Fixed Shadowguard Boss Crash
- Block now works as per EA + buff bar
- Paragon Chests now fill with new loot, if Enabled
- VvV participation is now character centric, as opposed to guild centric, ie guilds aren't VvV, the individuals can choose to join or not.
- Fixed VvV crash
- Fixed message when you try to use a passive mastery spell
- Gargoyles morphed by barracoon will no longer Fly
- Fixed Myrmidex Invasion Spawner
- Added Chicken Coop/Incubator to Carpentry meny
- Fixed runebeetle crash
- added durability to spellbooks
- added negative attributes to spellbooks
- added negative attributes to BaseTalisman...
Time of Legends, up to publish 93
- Skill Masteries
- Shadowguard
- Eodon + Spawn
- New Eodon Quest Lines

Bug Fixes
- Horrific beast base wrestle damage is now 5-15
- Horrific beast will now casts spell within that spell focus school (which, turns out can only be necromancy)
- FightMode.Aggressor will now attack players/creatures that have had their pets/summons aggro on them (Cave Troll Fix)
- Dungeon Shame Teleporters no longer block access
- Unraveling now only gives 1 relic fragment. Still waiting on feedback regarding this system
- House Lockedowns by co-owners can only be released by that person, someone from thier account, or the house owner
- Fixed cliloc issues with champion skulls/harrower platform
- Took out Voidpool Harrower spawn location
- Added Commodity deed support to ship holds
- Fishing from Tokuno Galleons now give +1 fishing bonus
- Gargoyles can no longer equip quivers
- Soles of Providence can now be dyed via tokuno dyes
- VvV Pets will now delete on release
- Corrected talisman exceptional bonus
- Antique items will now lose durability at a much faster rate
- Added Talisman slayer support for extra damage in BaseWeapon
- Thrasher will now attack players/pets/summons at will (and no longer other monsters)
From our ServUO family to yours, have a happy holidays and a great new year.

We look forward to bringing you more of the best UO emulation software in 2017 and can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

Thanks to the whole team at ServUO for keeping things running tightly

The admin team

The mods and devs

And of course thanks to everyone who visits this site and offers bug reports and feedback, without your guys input we would surely not be where we are today!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Bodhi, Happy kwanza and for every other faith / belief out there simply, Happy Holidays! I hope they are good to you!
I'd like to thank all who help with finding these things! I'm starting to go through some of the older ones, and its sort a pain in the rear, as alot have been fixed, but not marked, etc.

Thanks to:

- Support for Bestial Armor Set
- Many Buff bar buffs by @argalep
- Added water attack to Leviathan by @argalep
- Runic Mallet and Chisel to the 3 Imbuing Quests

Bug Fixes:
- Added Elves Only to Robe of Equinox
- Corgul has been slowed
- Corgul now returns to his spawn location after a duration
- Fixed Fast Casting with Mystic Spells
- Fixed bladeweaving
- Special Fishing net now has the proper weight
- interior decorator no longer has weight restrictions
- Medusa no longer stones Staff
- Slowed down basevendors
- putrefier now has an area attack
- Titans drop roasted pigs (semi rare)
- SOS chests now are fished up with the "recovered from a shipwreck" tag
- Removed Factions (if disabled) from create world Gump
- Added various fixes to Peerless Altars to prevent the instance being hung up, as well as players being teleported after they leave the encounter.
- Insane dryads should no longer attack other monsters
- Added (Uncommented) circlets in blacksmith menu
- Added Gingerbread Cookie/recipe to DefCooking menu
- Added Rings/Bracelet (human/garg), gargish necklace and gargish earrings to tinkering menu
- Removed Chaos shield from Clean Up Britannia until we can get some clarification, as currently is a huge exploit
- Removed DeepSeaSerpent and WhippingVines from spawner defs - you will still need to remove them from spawners on existing shards
- Fixed regs used for sleep spell
- Updated dismount penalty for Meraktus and Blackthorn Castle Region
- fixed SSI value in City Trade deal
- Removed Chaos shields from Brit turn in
After VvV, I've focused on getting some bugs fixed.

- Certain Gargoyle armor now utilizes set armor properly
- Added 500ms action timeout for using potions
- Corgul now drops a unique artifact each time to a random top 5 damager
- Gaultier Collection Quest now accepts the proper Item
- Vice Vs Virtue help button now goes to the VvV UO page
- Keeper of Bushido book of Bushido now shows the proper graphic
- Added Buff Icons (bushido, animal form, wraith form) - @argalep
- Fixed issue with context menu on BaseQuiver
- Weapons now display Resistances
- Merged forged metal of artifacts bug fix @Ravenwolfe
- Reverted spellbinder ai
- Added buffs to various samurai spells @argalep
Vice Vs Virtue has been implemented. Additionally, by default (config), factions have been disabled. At startup, all faction monoliths, sigils and regions will be removed, as well as all characters being removed from factions. If you wish to keep factions, go to the Factions in the config file and make Enabled=true. As always, any bug reports regarding the VvV is encouraged.
Hello everyone.

In the coming weeks, with your feedback we will be upgrading ServUO to .net 4.6.1

What does this mean? Well it means we will have access to a plethora of newer framework features that are not available to us right now such as c#6, roslyn, async etc. This will make it easier for us to develop cleaner code and faster too.

We have been using .net 4.0 for far too long, it is almost a decade old now. It is time we join others in the future!

For now this release will be in its own branch while we test it and make sure it works as intended. This process will last a few weeks so long as we do not come up against any major issues. The more you guys chip in with reports, including reports that you have come across no issues the faster we can merge it into master.

Does this mean older scripts will stop working? Nope, all older code is fully supported, visual studio might tell you that the code has issues but that is just because there are better ways for it to be done, it will still work as before.

You can find the new branch here or in your favorite git client.
Today we will be making some changes to the way ServUO accepts donations. Up until now when someone has donated they have done so without any return other than the knowledge they are helping keep ServUO alive. Today that changes. We will be offering a few perks to those that decide to donate to the cause.

Because everyone has different circumstances in their life and may not be able to donate a certain amount we will be offering three different tiers of donations for users to choose.

Silver tier
Donation required: $5 per month

Silver member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff

Gold tier
Donation required: $60 per year

Silver member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff
Access to Gold donor only scripts. Please read below for more information on this.

Platinum tier
Donation required: $100 per year

Platinum member custom title below your username
Access to donator only forum where you can share ideas with other donors and staff
Access to Donor only scripts while they are in development. This is a great way to get to see these new scripts before anyone else and to get your feature requests in while the scripts are being developed. You will also get full access to completed scripts.

If you are interested in donating you may do so by click this link.


Why the change?
The way ServUO traditionally accepted donations has been in place since the sites inception. It is not a perfect system and offers no incentive for those who donate. Today that changes. You will now gain access to specific perks for donating as a way to say thank you! As Well as that, the previous method did not garner enough donations per month to pay all the bills. ServUO has not be in the black for more than a year now....
Thanks to @argalep, we have Clean Up Britain, Exodus Encounter, and Blackthorn dungeon now active. Feel free to report any bugs or issues you may find!!!
  • Implemented proper mechanics for attackable items as per EA. Mobile Combatant property was changed from Mobile to IDamageable. Several Server/Scripts Distro edits were necesarry, as well as updates to AI. Damageable items now pass a new item flag to the client, enabeling health bar pulling.
  • Casting monsters no longer stop to cast
Changing Combatant in Mobile.cs was inevitable for EA like behavior for attacking items. Please let us know if there are any issues. I'll be looking at a pending pull request regarding Clean Up Britannia System. Also, will need some rigorous testing of the new exodus dungeon content.

If you have the latest repo running, due to the band aid fix for the previous attackable items, they will need to be deleted on startup. You can go to the invasion controller (InvasionController) located at the beginning section of the invasion in blackthorn dugneon, and select ForceRespawn to true.