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Excellent game, the amount of content and work that went into this package is incredible. Great for solo play which is a bonus.
Awesome work, great for those using Odyssey!
/salute - Great work, now I know what is possible with the html field! Again, great work and a big salute to my American Brothers, you keep Canada Safe too! =D
Very powerful tools ANYONE can use that is working on a server. Looking forward to future updates! Thank You!
Thanks for the review!
Very Cool Concept, I Love it!
Great addition to the Ultima Odyssey package. The devs are quite friendly and open to suggestion without bending to everyone's whim.
awesome idea, i hate writing timers :P
Thanks, I have been working on ways to limit the use of them, which has lead me to creating just one! Combined with Async Methods OnEventTick = Powerful!
This is the best version of UO that there is. The absurd amount of features that just work out of the box is impressive and the monthly updates are making sure that there's nothing quite like it out there.
We have been using this script on the ultima adventures server and its a great way for players to run a vendor for loot found in dungeons in low population shards. How its configured on our server, its like having a vendor in a busy high traffic area on a production shard. things sell out quickly. great will loot!
Long over do!
Well done my good sir...well done