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I really don't think this fits the UO Art Style, this relates more to a cartoonish/anime style but for a UOart not so much.
Love the idea of adding hue to them, personally I think they might be a little too bright for the ores, but still, they look great man. Working off of abu's artwork was a great idea :)
For Orestones in Art
Great job Abu, I love the artwork :)
For Orestones in Art
These are fantastic! thanks for creating and sharing them.
Great job
Thanks! The credit goes to you for creating these fantastic graphics. I just did some hueing.
Again, nice to see someone keeping older custom systems alive. Thank you, keep up the good work.
Nice to see old custom systems being kept up to date with the latest stuff. Keep up the good work Ishya!
Great to see other people keeping up with supporting older scripts! Keep up the good work Sloth King!
Most fun me and my buddies have had in a long time
This is fantastic! Thank you so much for providing this for the community.
I get an error while compiling - that Custom\XantosShrink\Shrink System\HitchingPost.cs(33,76): error CS0117: '"ObjectPropertyList" doesn't have definition for "Enabled"
love it !
Just superb! The world here feels very alive and dynamic, while you can still feel the spirit of that good old Ultima online