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great little drake
Please keep politics off this site, many of us are sick of dealing with it constantly.
Awesome! Colors may not work at 7.0.15, but 7.0.23 the hues look great!
Very Excellent ! A must have for servers- we have needed a program like this which contains so much
Thanks for the comment, means a lot, specially when we are still in beta, I thank you all so much for helping and testing this project as I get it ready for a official release!
Thank you so much for taking this on, its a huge contribution to this community!
It is my pleasure! Thank you for Rating the Tool!
So much easier thank you! CONFIRMED
Just installed this on freshly updated copy of ServUO (Dec 19 2019). Seems there's some very minor additional steps.

In `playermobile.cs`, you do not need to add the "partial", it's already there.

In `playermobilepartial.cs`, you need to add `using Server.Services.Virtues;` at the very top.

Otherwise, this all started right up!