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Hi everyone I am remaking my thread in this forum because the old one was closed. This is my ServUO Ultra Modded Single Player project. Just basically my personal shard that me and a few friends play on. I thought I would share, as today I made a big update!

Shards Of Minax Download

Main Features:

-Latest version of UO, with all expansion including High Seas galleons included!
-Expanded gameplay, start weak but become much more powerful than regular UO
-50 max skill points per skill, 200 skill cap, 150 stat cap. This can be increased with Maxxia Scrolls
-Completely reworked loot system, diablo style loot with Unique items at the very top!
-Item Socketing system, each weapon and piece of armor can have up to 6 sockets for Materia
-Hundreds of different Materia to modify your equipment with unique properties!
-Levelable equipment! Master crafted and some special loot can gain levels with you. So your legendary sword will gain levels and you can pick custom upgrades using the XP!
-Many modded items like storage keys and pet leash's can be purchased with Maxxia scrolls in Lord Britishs throne room
-Many items gambler which will let you gamble for any items in the game in Lord Britishes castle (you need Maxxia Scrolls!)
-Thousands of new NPCs and quests, with Thousands of lines of new dialogue! You can talk to many NPCs using the Ultima 4 style "Name Job or Health" to get further key words!
-Thousands of new monsters! There are many unique monsters never before seen to find, and many can be tamed!
-Thousands of new animals to tame! Many new animals to tame, all with unique new abilities like AOE attacks and special hits
-Thousands of new loot items to collect! There is unique loot around every corner!
-Revamped Skills. Many skills have enhancements and new skill books with abilities. Camping is a much more potent skill now!
-Hundreds of new books! All of the libraries of Brittania have hundreds of brand new (lore friendly!) books to read
-Town Stealing! You can now break into people's person items in many houses and steal from them
-A bunch of other stuff I can't remember!

How do you obtain Maxxia Scrolls?

-Random fetch quest giver and a random monster slayer quest giver in Lord British Castle
-Digging Graves
-Dungeon Lockpicking Treasure Chests
-Loot from Special Monsters
-Treasure Map Chests
-NPC Collection quests
-NPC Assassin Quests
-NPC Hunter Quests

armoire hosted at ImgBB
begging hosted at ImgBB
bookcases hosted at ImgBB
camping1 hosted at ImgBB
camping2 hosted at ImgBB
Druid hosted at ImgBB
feeder hosted at ImgBB
gamber1 hosted at ImgBB
gambl2 hosted at ImgBB
gamble hosted at ImgBB
gamble3 hosted at ImgBB
gambler2 hosted at ImgBB
gambler3 hosted at ImgBB
grave-robbery hosted at ImgBB
resized hosted at ImgBB
scree1 hosted at ImgBB
scree2 hosted at ImgBB
scree3 hosted at ImgBB
scree4 hosted at ImgBB
scree5 hosted at ImgBB
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scree7 hosted at ImgBB
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