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    Fixed Property of Steward

    I could not understand your problem. However, we have released a new update for steward. Bug Fixes (#4782)
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    Not A Bug Jewelry box is not working properly

    which function does not work properly?
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    Fixed Stuck items in secret chest

    I send to PR
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    Fixed Stuck items in secret chest

    Whoever locked the secret chest is not asked for the password.
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    Unconfirmed Bug Missing Npc

    Quest item drops from the creature. However, I do not know if the quest continues. 3 creatures spawn in the region in the picture.
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    Will ServUO support EC?

    There is EC support in ServUO.
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    Not A Bug Forsaken Foes LB Dungeon empty

    Does "RevampedSpawns/BlackthornDungeonCreature.xml" exist in the servuo folder? I tested it on the last repo, I did not come across the problem.
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    Awaiting Feedback ShadowguardController Deserialize problem

    It didn't happen again. But sometimes I have a problem like this.
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    Fixed Myrmidex Battleground

    You need to delete BattleSpawner. @Dexter_Lexia, My server also freeze when Myrmidex Battleground is active.
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    Fixed Fellowship Bugs - Blackthorns Dungeon

    I send to PR 2. A special way to still get to the lighthouses, a gate or something, is missing. I have no idea about this. I couldn't see a special way to transition in OSI.
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    Awaiting Feedback SonarCloud Code Quality Report

    You can check the ServUO code quality via the link below.
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    Not A Bug Crash bug with Exploring the Deep

    Can you write down what you did at the time of your problem?
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    Awaiting Feedback ShadowguardController Deserialize problem

    @Dexter_Lexia World: Loading... An error was encountered while loading a saved object - Type: Server.Engines.Shadowguard.ShadowguardController - Serial: 0x40001548 Delete the object? (y/n) After pressing return an exception will be thrown and the server will terminate. Error...