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    Help with explosion potions (pvp)how are supposed to work?

    I've got the solution! no delay to explosion potions, but delay to full damage. You can spam explosion potion but when you receive a second explosion potion damage before a certain delay the damage is scaled. I am triyng to do something like this with the spell system for avoid pvp group formed...
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    a way to block light of UOS?

    this is my string /// <summary> /// Enable assistant negotiator? /// </summary> public static bool Enabled { get; set; } shuld i change " public static bool Enabled { get; set; } = true; ?"
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    a way to block light of UOS?

    oh thank you very much anyway it doesn't work :(
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    a way to block light of UOS?

    yep i also think so, but I've a kind of gdr project in my mind and I want to try to disable it to make everything more gdr :D thank you for the tip. I've found this line, maybe I've to edit this one? FilterLight = 1 << 1, // Light Filter
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    a way to block light of UOS?

    there is a way to block the light function of uo steam? so players need to use nightsight spell or pot
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    spawn a locked door

    yes, I've tryied the Milva's link and it works exactly how I needed. But i appreciate very very much your explanation because you teached me that i can change spawner property with another spawner. I am an apprentice and i've learnt something new :D Thank you
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    XmlQuestNPC-A Beginner's Advanced Guide

    It's a perfect guide, the NPC works well, but when i take the quest it's not marked on quest log and i have no quest progression killing quest mobs. Any idea on what it depend from?
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    command to add a wall

    I've found [adddoor and i was looking for a command to generate static or damageable walls. Anyone has got it? Thanks
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    spawn a locked door

    thank you. I will try it.
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    spawn a locked door

    hello, I've placed 2 spawner one with: Key/keyvalue/1 and the other spawner with: MetalDoor,northcw/locked/true/keyvalue/1 My questions are: 1) is possible to hava a deay for door relock after ha been opened? 2) there is a way to delate the key after some tiime? (maybe reating a new key item...
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    Magic Reflection does not work

    I am very interested. Can you explain the mods I have to do to files for using it? Errors: + Spells/Mysticism/SpellDefinitions/PurgeMagicSpell.cs: CS0117: Line 93: 'MagicReflectSpell' does not contain a definition for 'EndReflect' CS0117: Line 172: 'MagicReflectSpell' does not contain...
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    cast restriction with metal armor

    Someone knows how to put a cast restriction untill the 2 circle (of the mage spells) to metal armor?
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    How to correctly change spells?

    WELL! Finally after 2 days I've found the issue :D over the line public HarmSpell(Mobile caster, Item scroll) : base(caster, scroll, m_Info) I had to definite the m_table "private static readonly Hashtable m_Table = new Hashtable();" and call the space "using...
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    adding properties to material

    or maybe should i add something in base armor and base weapon?
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    adding properties to material

    Hello, i am triyng to adding some prooperties to material when i craft armor or weapon, but inew properties doesn't work. Someone knows what is the issue? Thanks Version AOS; my resourceinfo.cs:: using System; using System.Collections; namespace Server.Items { public enum...