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    Paragon Deed w/ Command

    "[set isparagon true"?
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    Fixed Tiger Cub Statuette

    The way I always perceived this to work was as such: 1) If you get it as a vet reward its a label vet monster statuette that merely turns on and off while locked down. 2) The other being a quest reward that can be used to summon a bond pet like the Hell Hound in a Crystal Pets. and after...
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    item id #s by expansion?

    Im sure someone has a list somewhere but unless you've been watching the ArtIDs each update it'd be hard to go back and do now. Ever since Broadsword took over they have gone back and used previously empty slots and filled them.
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    Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels - Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels

    Here are two new container class files I have loosely coded as a base for more talented people to run with. SpecialMetalsContainer.cs SpecialWoodsContainer.cs I don't currently have OSI, nor could I find any information on these new containers. I have the corresponding satchel at the bottom...
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    Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels

    Sareus submitted a new resource: Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels - The new hunt's challenge reward containers. Read more about this resource...
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    Fireflies Deed Error

    Just Started over with a new code, Finally got it working properly using System; using Server.Gumps; using Server.Multis; using Server.Network; using Server.Targeting; namespace Server.Items { public class Fireflies : Item, IAddon { //public override bool IsArtifact { get {...
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    Fireflies Deed Error

    Been trying to get a working version of all the Christmas items not already present. While doing so I've hit a problem with the Fireflies. protected override void OnTarget( Mobile from, object targeted ) { if( m_FirefliesDeed == null || m_FirefliesDeed.Deleted )...
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    Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes)

    Not sure how thats happening unless your: 1)Not using the latest patch 2)edited your art files at some point. Because the stockings are around ItemID 11,000 Where the Mailboxes are in the upper 41,000 ?_?
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    Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes)

    I was just informed by a player that if you place an item in the mailbox then rotate it. the mailbox returns to the (Flag Down) "Item-less version" looking into it.
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    Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes) - Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes)

    Just the three new mailboxes and the new Holiday Hat and Boots.
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    Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes)

    Sareus submitted a new resource: Publish 103 (Holiday Clothes/Mailboxes) - Holiday Clothes and New Mailboxes Read more about this resource...
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    Artisan Festival - Reward Items (2016/2017/2018)

    Sareus updated Artisan Festival - Reward Items (2016/2017) with a new update entry: Update: Publish 103 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Artisan Festival - Reward Items (2016/2017/2018) - Update: Publish 103

    Some misnamed items fixed. Added new publish 103 items.
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    Immersed in Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Immersed in Red Dead Redemption 2.
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    Changing the dates for halloween?(solved)

    if (Utility.RandomDouble() <= .01 && from.Skills.Begging.Value >= 100) //This section is what they mean { from.AddToBackpack(HolidaySettings.RandomGMBeggerItem)...