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    Heritage UO - SA/HS/TOL

    Heritage Monster Bash Event. Never been a better time to try out TrueUO Heritage! Check out our website at: Check out our Discord at: Over 3 Years Online. One of the fairest free shards around in regards to Player V Staff interactions. TrueUO...
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    Not A Bug Issue with Powerscroll Books

    This is because Mining power scrolls must be a custom on your shard. The book is only keeping track of the normal power scrolls. You will need to edit the book.
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    Fixed Glasses need an overhaul

    No it is in-game, obtained through the right systems. Glasses.cs That code above is from Glasses.cs
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    Fixed Glasses need an overhaul

    Currently glasses use this code to apply properties to items like Mace and Shield Reading glasses. public override void AppendChildNameProperties(ObjectPropertyList list) { base.AppendChildNameProperties(list); int prop; if ((prop =...
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    Cannot Reproduce Shadowguard requires to complete Bar twice

    Same and no reports on Heritage and the Roof gets done daily there.
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    Fixed Shadowguard pirates shouldn't reflect damages by bottles but they are.

    Aye correct. This promotes players using the bottles instead of other dmg types, since it reflects.
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    Converted to Milestone Task Forgotten Treasures

    This is all still on TC. We are waiting for the final product before we even take a look at it. Already between TC release 1 and TC release 2 they have changed a ton of things.
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    Fixed Issue with saving banked points with bulk orders

    This issue has been fixed.
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    Fixed Can't spawn gargoyles

    This issue has been resolved.
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    Fixed Can't spawn gargoyles

    Could this be from the Roslyn addition? The script itself has not been touched in over a year. It also looks good at face value.
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    Fixed Spellweaving.WildfireSpell Server Crash

    This issue has been fixed.
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    Fixed Can't spawn gargoyles

    @Dexter_Lexia same on Heritage it seems. I can not spawn them.
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    Fixed Server freeze on add of Dragon Jade Earrings

    This issue has been fixed.
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    Fixed Server freeze on add of Dragon Jade Earrings

    @Dexter_Lexia almost all the SA jewelry is messed up. They are gargoyle items but use GoldEarrings as a base instead of GargishEarrings.
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    Awaiting Feedback Niporailem - Missing some spawn

    He is missing the cursed metallic knights and mages. The hidden door leads to the domain of Niporailem the thief, a formidable foe who will summon spectral armor and throw overweight, damaging gold piles which dismount an...