1. Tecmo

    Code Recover staff access after losing your password

    There's numerous scenarios you may find yourself needing to gain staff access without deleting your saves. 1. Lost your password and there's no other staff 2. Loading an old shard with saves that you never had staff access. Create a new account to break in the back door. Locate...
  2. I have a question.

    1, After creating the character for the first time, the money is 1000gp. Where can I change the amount? 2. Which file will I change the first access to after I create the character? account.cs, I don't know if I don't know.
  3. Falkor

    Character Access Level Toggle 2019-07-01

    Not my script but I didn't see it already present here. You shouldn't have to do anything but drop this into your Customs folder and restart. Type [calt to switch from staff to player and back. It will let you see the shard and play as a player would experience it for quick troubleshooting...