1. Murara97

    Add new monster animations with UOFiddler

    Hi everyone, my name's Muri and I used to play with UO when I was a child with my brother. I found the old directory we used, with RunUO2.0 and some other apps related (DragonMod, UOFiddler, CentrED) to set up a costum server. I was trying to add new monster animations with UOFiddler, although I...
  2. Modified TileData.cs to extract AnimID/GumpID from ItemID 2017-05-15

    A modified TileData.cs which extracts also AnimID from TileData.mul. I've seen quite a few people asking for a way to find a paperdoll gump for an item - with this TileData.cs you can use the added function TileData.GumpFromID(int itemID, bool female = false) to get the GumpID of an item...