1. Legnes

    Animations UOFiddler 4.9.12 (for animation creators) 4.9.12

    Version 4.9.12 (for animation creators) - Added man body to fix item animation - Fixed export of standard animation (bmp/tiff) Version 4.9.12 - Added search items on Dress tab. Version 4.9.11 - Added "Show Free Slots" option to Land Tiles tab. - Added "Show Free Slots" option to Textures tab...
  2. Valorian-Aeternum

    UO-Pixel 2016-01-31

    UO-Pixel is a german graphics portal run by Eriminator (known for her work for UO-Mittelerde, etc). It is randomly updated with condributions from Eriminator or other artists, willing to give away their work for free. You can find complete maps, new animations, a lot of arts, gumps and stuff...