1. Amadora

    Question Regarding CUO

    Ok I am looking to change to the CUO client on my server do I need a new program to add and change art in the CUO because when I direct my Fiddler to the folder I get errors and can not see the art or is it just using the classic client for the art and the CUO just there to log in? This is the...
  2. ClassicUO - Release/Publish

    Hi all, I need help with publishing a custom version of ClassicUO. I tried with what the project says on git, i.e. 'dotnet build -c Release' but it doesn't create a single file for me or in any case publishes the dlls rather than, I don't know, integrating them into the exe. In an old version...
  3. Bittiez

    TazUO 2023-10-21

    TazUO ClassicUO does an excellent job modernizing the original UO Client while maintaining the original feel and features of the classic client. TazUO tries to add features to CUO that were not in the original client but can be argued are an improvement. TazUO is a modified version of...